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If you know about a technical writing resource that can be added to this list then please leave a comment (with a small description and a link to the resource) and I will update this page with your valuable suggestion.

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You can download the  Technical Writing Resources provided on this page as a pdf (designed for print) .

NOTE (May 31) : My apologies. The resource list pdf is a bit outdated.

A Day in the Life of a Technical Writer

Technical Writer Salaries- How much do Technical Writers earn?

Technical Writer Salaries

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Social Network for Technical Writers

Technical Writing Online Library (Provides great content on all aspects of technical communication. Contains a  frequently updated news and job section. Searchable archives of the techwhirl email discussion list (400,000 messages about tech comm, dating back to the original post in 1993) are available for free access.)  (The EServer Technical Communication Library is a free, open-access, categorized index of 21,620 works available online for professional, scientific and technical communicators (such as technical writers).)   (User  Assistance Resource Directory)

Recommended LinkedIn Groups on Technical Writing

You can view the list of 10 Useful LinkedIn Groups for Technical Writers to network and share information about writing and latest trends & innovations in the field of technical writing.

Ten twitter hashtags on Technical Writing

You can view a list of ten twitter hashtags used by technical writers to search  latest trends in the technical writing world.

Five Desktop based Distraction-Free Writing Software for Technical Writers

If you want (and can install) a software on your PC for distraction free writing then I recommend these five free (free as in free beer) distraction-free software tools for your desktop.

Five Free Online Tools for Distraction-Free Writing

If you don’t want to install a software or if you want to write distraction-free in a shared computer (office, public library etc) then don’t loose heart. There are cool web-based tools available that lets you write distraction-free and only require a browser (since they are web-based). Take a look at five free online tools for distraction-free writing.

Writing and Grammar Tips


15 responses to “Technical Writing Resources

  1. Mart August 14, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Hi, we have developed software for creating online user manuals for our own use, and have decided to release the code as free open source software

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  3. Mike Unwalla January 4, 2013 at 2:57 am


    To make text clear, some organizations use ASD-STE100 ( ASD-STE100 is an international specification for the preparation of maintenance documentation in a controlled language.

    Software can help technical writers to conform to ASD-STE100. However, until now, that software was very expensive.

    Recently, TechScribe released an open-source term checker for ASD-STE100. Rules specify the terms and the grammar that the term checker will validate. The rules are specified in 2 XML files.

    You must customize the rules to include the Technical Names and the Technical Verbs that your organization uses. Optionally, you can customize the rules to make a term checker for other controlled languages.

    The primary problems that the term checker identifies are as follows:
    * Unknown keywords.
    * Not-approved keywords and inflections of not-approved keywords.
    * Approved keywords that have an incorrect part of speech. For example, ‘oil’ is approved as a noun, but not as a verb.
    * Keywords that frequently are used incorrectly. For example, ‘about’ means ‘concerned with’, not ‘approximately’ or ‘around’.
    * A combination of approved keywords that is possibly not correct. For example, the verb ‘break out’ is not approved in this sentence: The fire broke out in the engine.
    * Approved keywords that are spelled incorrectly. For example, the past tense of ‘smell’ is ‘smelled’, not ‘smelt’.
    * Noun strings (noun clusters) of more than 3 nouns.
    * Some not-approved tenses.

    Download the term checker from

  4. sujitsmiley January 20, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Hi, I have created some tutorials on Adobe Robohelp. And will create tutorials for all the Technical Writing softwares in future.

    Find my tutorial on the below link

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    And for latest updates on Technical Writer or Content Writer Jobs just join the below page

    Add these links to your blog.

  5. Tim Zorzi October 7, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Comprehensive resource for communications, grammer, styles and usage – “Handbook of Technical Writing 8th Edition”, Alred, Brusaw and Oliu. 639 Pgs.

    Definitions for the various branches of engineering and related fields of science – “Dictionary of Engineering”, McGraw-Hill, 641 Pgs, 18,000 terms

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  8. Jag Opilio August 2, 2016 at 7:35 am

    Hey guys!

    I wonder if you can help me – I am looking for a API Technical Writer to help with an open standard for persistent, decentralised communication, really cool project to be a part of!

    Anybody know anyone?!

    up to £70,000 per year.

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  13. The Evolving Naturalist February 19, 2020 at 3:32 pm

    Great resources! Thanks for posting this.

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