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Thank You for 200,000 views!

Dear Viewer, Thank you!

What else can I ever say to express my humble gratitude to all the viewers of my personal technical writing blog ( who viewed my humble words over 200,000 times?

Almost a decade ago, I was working as a Technical Writer in New Delhi, India in the hi-tech IT/Semiconductor industry. The position was very challenging, and it paid damm well, making it a pretty cool job.

However, I wanted to grow and develop myself, and one fine day I finally decided to get uncomfortable, left that comfy job for a year-long study sabbatical (Technical Communication Course @ Seneca College, Toronto), and came to Canada as an International student and that was the beginning of a tough yet interesting journey.

Leaving all of my friends, my family, the familiar sights and smells of Indian Bazaar, and a promising career was not easy. It was the single most difficult and perhaps the most important decision of my life.

I researched Universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and finalized Canada as a destination because of the great culture (weather was better in Australia, USA had more job opportunities) and least racism compared to other countries.

I graduated with honors and started working as a technical writer. Then the exciting world of DevOps caught my interest and I transitioned myself into a DevOps Engineer. Read my personal DevOps blog at

When I was debating myself whether to leave my job and all the comforts of my job to start again as a student in a foreign land, one little-faint voice kept me awake at nights which always asked “What if you don’t go and regret the decision after 10 years?”.

It has been 10 years and I am glad that I made that tough decision and I will encourage you to have faith and listen to that little-faint voice in your heart which begs you to get uncomfortable today to be very comfortable tomorrow!

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