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Hello Reader!

Welcome to my blog on Technical Writing.

My name is Gurpreet Singh. I’m a technical writer DevOps Engineer based in Toronto, Canada.

I have completed a post graduate certificate in technical communication from Seneca College, Toronto in 2011 but have transitioned from Technical Writing to the exciting world of DevOps Automation.

I develop automation as a DevOps Engineer using tools like AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Jenkins, Artifiactory, Git, Python, and Shell scripting. Visit my blog on DevOps at

The two electronics test and measurement instruments you see in the above photograph are two products that I documented (both hardware and software documentation) when I worked as a senior technical writer in the hi-tech Semiconductor/Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry. The instrument at the top is a high precision LCR meter (with a small blue LCD display), and the instrument below it is a RF Network Analyzer (Agilent ENA that measure S-parameters).

My engineering background helps me to understand the working of such complex software and hardware products, and a master’s degree in consultancy management helps me to work effectively with internal and external clients. You can view the online help I developed for Agilent ENA series here (it has over 6000 pages and includes API documentation for SCPI commands).

I love writing. Period. There is nothing else in the world that attracts me more than the magnetism of words. DevOps is another topic that interests me a lot and is becoming my next favorite.

I also love public speaking and training, and have been associated with Toastmasters International from a long time.

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