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Thank You for 200,000 views!

Dear Viewer, Thank you!

What else can I ever say to express my humble gratitude to all the viewers of my personal technical writing blog ( who viewed my humble words over 200,000 times?

Almost a decade ago, I was working as a Technical Writer in New Delhi, India in the hi-tech IT/Semiconductor industry. The position was very challenging, and it paid damm well, making it a pretty cool job.

However, I wanted to grow and develop myself, and one fine day I finally decided to get uncomfortable, left that comfy job for a year-long study sabbatical (Technical Communication Course @ Seneca College, Toronto), and came to Canada as an International student and that was the beginning of a tough yet interesting journey.

Leaving all of my friends, my family, the familiar sights and smells of Indian Bazaar, and a promising career was not easy. It was the single most difficult and perhaps the most important decision of my life.

I researched Universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and finalized Canada as a destination because of the great culture (weather was better in Australia, USA had more job opportunities) and least racism compared to other countries.

I graduated with honors and started working as a technical writer. Then the exciting world of DevOps caught my interest and I transitioned myself into a DevOps Engineer. Read my personal DevOps blog at

When I was debating myself whether to leave my job and all the comforts of my job to start again as a student in a foreign land, one little-faint voice kept me awake at nights which always asked “What if you don’t go and regret the decision after 10 years?”.

It has been 10 years and I am glad that I made that tough decision and I will encourage you to have faith and listen to that little-faint voice in your heart which begs you to get uncomfortable today to be very comfortable tomorrow!


One response to “Thank You for 200,000 views!

  1. BALAJI LS October 18, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    Awesome…very well decision taken …hope now you have reached you destination.👍

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