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My talk on Technical Writing in George Brown College, Toronto

George Brown College (St. James campus at King Street) in Toronto

I was invited to give a talk on Technical Writing at George Brown College, Toronto few weeks ago. I talked about technical writing in general and how social media tools such as twitter, blogs, and LinkedIn can help them in getting a writing related  job or consulting assignments.

It was a lovely experience for me as I love to talk about technical writing and social media. I hope that my talk inspired few of them to use social media tools to demonstrate and publicise their writing portfolios and they will soon receive their desired writing assignments through this new tool in their arsenal.

I was invited to speak to students who are pursuing a part-time certificate program in technical communication from George Brown College. The classes for this program are delivered in evening at George Brown’s St. James campus (right in downtown) that makes it easy for working professional interested in learning about technical communication to join these classes after their workday.

About George Brown College

George Brown College is one of the largest community colleges in Canada and has over 14,000 full-time students including 2, 350 international students, as well as over 60,000 part-time and continuing education students. It offers 150 certificate, diploma, degree and post-graduate programs, and over 1600 continuing education programs. It has three full campuses  that place students in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Similar to other community colleges in Greater Toronto Area, George Brown College was founded in 1967 by the government of Ontario. George Brown is also the largest distance education college in Canada, with 12,000 students studying in over 30 countries.

George Brown’s Technical Communications Certificate Program

I received this pen as a token of appreciation from George Brown College.

George Brown’s technical communications certificate program offers five compulsory courses. All of these five courses have evening classes that run once a week for 10-13 weeks and provides an opportunity for working professionals to learn more about technical communication and evaluate it as a viable second-career or a part-time consulting profession.

An article at George Brown college website provides good information about the offered courses (read the complete article here):

The first course, Technical Writing and Analysis, is a great introduction and provides opportunities for students to develop their writing portfolio.

Managing Documentation Services is an ideal course for students looking to work in a corporate environment and for those considering freelance work as it introduces documentation-related project planning and management.

Writing for Software Products and Technical Editing and Production focus on computer and software-related documentation, including software and document development life-cycle, end-to-end documentation as well as the editing process.

Design and Illustration for Technical Publications introduces various imaging tools and the basic concepts of graphic design.

For more information about the Technical Communications Certificate offered through Continuing Education at George Brown College, visit, call 416-415-5000, ext. 2092, or email at


2 responses to “My talk on Technical Writing in George Brown College, Toronto

  1. whatifsometimeslifehappen June 3, 2012 at 9:59 am

    That’s good Gurpreet. Who offered the invitation to you?

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